Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A new face for Pepsi...

From time to time, companies and brands will rebrand themselves to reposition themselves in their market. Sometimes, the brand has changed/progressed over time, and the current logo or slogan no longer suits them. Sometimes it's simply to bring "new life" to a brand, or to increase lackluster perception by its consumers. The latter seems to be the case for Pepsi Co, in addition to facing a difficult economy.

Changes generally excite consumers, but I'm a little indifferent towards the new packaging. I for one don't prefer Pepsi, so I'm not really going to be influenced by its snazzy new packaging. But as far as the new logo? It's ok. It looks a little weird and "off-brandish" to me, but I'm guessing that if we look back at the old logo years from now, it will look weird too. What do you think?

Pepsi's new cans should be out by early 2009!


Kelsey said...

All of the sudden in the midst of the election, the Pepsi logo is looking like Barack Obama's logo to me!

The Siera Mist can looks like they're trying to look like the organic sodas with low design/ad budgets.

DS2507 said...

The first thing I thought, before seeing the comments, was that the Pepsi logo looks like Obama's logo!

Definitely weird looking... and off-brandish!

kari said...

It really does look like Obama's logo, crazy! I'm not a fan of Pepsi, it's all about Coke for me. They can change their logo all they like, I'm sticking with my Coke :).


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