Monday, March 23, 2009

A pretty head.

Did I tell you how much hair I'm losing? Lots. So much that I could have made a pretty hefty donation to Locks of Love by now. So much that birds all around town could be insulating their nests with it. So much that I could pull off a comb-over to hide my bald spots. Really.
That said, its no surprise that I've adopted a pretty low maintenance hair 'do. I've put away my blow-dryer, flat iron, and most of my gels and hair cremes. These days, I've been sporting natural curl in a ponytail, and if I want to get all snazzy for a trip to the grocery store, I'll throw on a headband too. I've been looking for new headbands, and it seems like they are popping up everywhere this spring. Pretty ones, too. Not those plastic-y 80's ones I used to wear as a wee lad. 
Here's a few that I really like:

I like how this headband from Etsy seller mylavalier is simple, yet makes a bold statement. You wouldn't even have to wear jewelry with this headband.

I love this one by Burberry. It definitely could be dressed up or down, worn to work or on the weekend!

I'd wear this soft gold headband from Anthropologie to church on Sundays.

I've been seeing feather headbands everywhere lately. Though I don't know if I could pull this look off, I love this one by Etsy seller NevaPlume.

A simple faux croc band only looks expensive, found at Claire's.

A sporty style by Old Navy.

I'd really love to find a floral scarf-style headband too- but no luck finding any yet. If you've seen any great styles, let me know where you've seen them!


VICTORIA said...

i love accesories

fioretta said...

Love love that first one from mylavaliere, I think I've seen it (or similar) around on there. Gorgeous!

I actually posted a different feather headband from another etsy seller on my blog yesterday - loving feathers lately.

bekah said...

oh cute! I bout a few in spain that I love! But thats not much help to you is it now.

Freckles Chick said...

I ADORE the 1st & 3rd ones! I'm partial to gold =)

My best friend had us over for dinner right after her little girl was born (I know, right? Shouldn't we be having THEM over, what with being a new mom and all?). So, she right away put out the disclaimer that if anyone found hair in their food, it was probably hers and unless we wanted to starve, just shut up and eat. =)


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