Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mad about March!

Do you guys remember when I told you my husband is obsessed with yard work? Well, we've been having a string of nice weather lately, and since he is determined to get our yard to turn green before everyone else's yard does, he turned the sprinkler system on this week. That's fine and dandy; we've had a very dry winter here in Kansas, but the kicker is that he wanted to mow the grass too. He's convinced that the grass will turn green faster. I don't forbid him to do anything, but I threw out that "f" word when he was filling up the mower with gas. From the look on his face you would think that I told him his childhood dog died. 
"But why can't I mow today?"
"Because people don't mow in February, that's why. And, it will probably snow next week." 
So he hasn't mowed, because I won't let him, but he'll sit outside and analyze the sprinkler heads, making sure that every part of the yard is getting proper water coverage. He'll adjust them accordingly and then "test" them until it's just right. He treats it like a math problem: H20 force(head angle)+ wind speed = coverage per sq.ft.  It's madness, I tell ya.

In other news, I might need to start searching for hair wigs. For any of the moms-to-be that read my blog, one of the cool things you get to experience after having a bambino is hair loss. And I'm not talking about a loss of a few extra strands when you brush your hair; I'm talking clumps all over your floor, your coat, clothing, tangled in your baby's fingers... EVERYWHERE... and for several months. I used to have pretty nice hair, but now it's dull and lifeless. Now I don't mind so much when I look at what I got in return, but still. Soon, I'll be sporting a bald spot, just like Cameron.

Is anyone excited as I am for March Madness? Who are you rootin' for? I'll be cheering these guys on in route to another National Championship. =)


Jeremy and Mindy said...

Believe it or not, I've had no hair loss, knock on wood. It's probably the fact that I have NO HAIR to loose. Seriously, it is so thin already.
Hahaha on Jon wanting to mow, well, it's March now, so he could I suppose. J was just saying he needs to get out and mow some weeds! It has been dry. Welp, friend, nice to read up on ya, and I'm cheer for KU while my heart is with OU just because I know they won't make it! hahahaha

Jennifer said...

Don't rush on the wigs just yet, in a couple months your hair will be back to normal, I went through the same thing.


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