Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chalk it up, folks.

I've been wanting a chalkboard in our house for quite some time now. I blogged about it here, and after seeing Holly's chalkboard, and Jessica's chalkboard, I decided that if everyone else was doing it, I certainly was jumping on the bandwagon too.
I had a long, narrow piece of a board sitting in the garage leftover from my map project that I thought would be perfect for a chalkboard. I decided that I wasn't going to make this a fancy-shmancy project by putting trim around it to give it a frame- I didn't have the time or patience for all that! I painted a couple coats of chalkboard paint, and it was finished and ready to hang. Easiest DIY project ever. After writing on it though, I noticed that I had a pile of chalk dust accumulating on the kitchen floor below. I can see it now: Cameron licks chalk dust off the floor. Delicious, no? I remembered I had some curved trim leftover from a previous project that would be perfect to catch the falling chalk dust while holding the chalk too. I cut it to size and slapped it on with some liquid nails and presto! a chalkboard with a mini-tray is born.

It fits perfectly on the previously blank wall space by the fridge in our kitchen, and is a great place to write quick notes, reminders, and grocery items. And just a forewarning for those considering buying chalkboard paint: it's fun and addicting. I've spent the past few days looking around the house for items that I can chalkboard-ize. I've got over half the can of paint left and no surface is safe from potentially being turned into a chalkboard! =)


Kristen said...

wow that's great! I have a spare wall that needs something done with it in my kitchen, I may just have to jump on the bandwagon!

Molly said...

Such a great idea! I wish I had time to try all these crafty ideas on everyone's blogs! I need a craft vacation!

Jessica said...

That turned out great! Can you come to my house & make a cute header with my last name on mine too? :) ha! Thanks for linking mine!

Meredith said...

It looks great! I love the look of chalkboards in homes, but seriously CAN NOT stand the feel of chalk on my fingers (it really makes me want to throw up), so I think this is one trend I'm gonna be stuck admiring from afar!

Holly and Sean said...

love it Leslie! The trim is genious~


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