Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekend plans.

This weekend I plan to channel my inner Martha Stewart a bit. 5 things I'll be doing:
  1. Bake/cook. The weather is finally cooling down, and I'm ready to fire up my oven. I'll be making some cookies for the husband to take on the road next week, and I also plan on dusting off the crockpot for some good ol' comfort food- taco soup.
  2. Craft. I'm going to finish up the invites for my sister in law's baby shower. They are coming along really well and are so adorable! I'm going to try and put one together and show you guys the end result on Monday.
  3. Gardening. Just some minor tidying in the garden- weed pulling, dead-heading and some trimming.
  4. Meal planning. Following Meredith's lead, I want to start planning 3 meals (on Sunday evenings) for the upcoming weeknights. It's a great way to save money at the grocery store, and gone will be the days when we stand in front of the freezer at 6pm, complaining that there's nothing to eat for dinner.
  5. Cleaning. I worked a few days this last week and you can definitely tell that cleaning took the backseat. We're talking overflowing trash, toys everywhere, and laundry piled so high that it wouldn't surprise me if there were 8-legged creatures lurking in them.
That's it! I'm off to get a head start. Anyone else have any cool weekend plans?


Meredith said...

You are totally going to be Martha Stewart this weekend!

My only meal planning advice is that it is SO important to be flexible--for us, if I planned to make lasagna on a Sunday, but then we were invited over to a family dinner, I'm not going to turn down the invite just because my meal plan says "Lasagna". Forget that, I'll make Lasagna the next night.

Or if we're really craving burritos, but it's spaghetti night...we already have the ground beef, and tomato sauce/ dry noodles will keep until the next time we're going to make spaghetti! Bring on the burritos! If there wasn't that flexibility, it just wouldn't work for us...that's just my two cents!

Kristen said...

I tried the meal planning thing last month. I planned meals for 9 days in a row. It definitely made grocery shopping easier and I even think I saved a little money! However it took us 3 weeks to eat the 9 meals because things kept coming up and we'd either eat at someone else's house or grab dinner on the way to wherever we were going. It was definitely nice though being able to look at my list to see what hadn't been cooked yet and then just prepare it instead of standing at the freezer door wondering what to make! :)

I'm going to try and make your chalkboard thing for my kitchen this weekend, wish me luck!

Nicole said...

I'm anxious to see the invites. I'm hosting a baby shower for a friend and am in need of inspiration!

Love the meal plan. It is very helpful - especially after work when cooking does not sound appealing!


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