Sunday, August 16, 2009

I need this. It's only natural.

One of my favorite decor inspiration blogs is Adventures in renovating a Brooklyn Limestone. It doesn't take much scrolling through her blog to realize she has an amazing little spot, and such fabulous taste in decor. Given the new cookie cutter house I live in that has absolutely NO architectural details whatsoever, it's no wonder I find myself drooling over her giant baseboards, crown moldings and stunning windows.
Anywho, one of my favorite rooms in her home is her office.
I love everything about it (how bold is that rug? What a statement!), but what particularly caught my eye was that fabulous, shiny steel desk from Ikea. In our office, we have a heavy, steel desk that was custom made by Jon's cousin. In short, if our desk was a male, that desk from Ikea would be its female counterpart. They'd live happily ever after. So, isn't it only natural that I introduce them? I do believe so.Jon's desk, above. Don't mind the mess on the floor. Or the picture frames that are still empty. Or the wall color that closely resembles that of Oscar the Grouch. It really doesn't look like that!

I've been needing my own workspace for awhile. Can you see how great they would look together? Unfortunately, the Ikea big-wigs haven't put a store in Kansas, the nearest location is about 5 hours away in Dallas. My brother and sister in law mentioned they we're going to Dallas at the end of the month, and specifically said they were stopping at Ikea in search for some baby gear. So, isn't it only natural that I have them bring this desk back for me? I do believe so.
Be sure to check out the details in the rest of her office! Trust me, your jaws will drop.


Meredith said...

I feel your pain. The closest Ikea is about 5 hours away from me as well. Because of that fact, I've actually never been inside one !

Jeremy and Mindy said...

I didn't know there was an ikea in Dallas!!

Mrs. Limestone said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I'm pretty sure Ikea delivers now. I think their delivery prices are kind of high but it might be worth it to save you a long drive both ways.


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