Monday, March 10, 2008

2008 Garden Show

I took Friday off from work, and my wonderful husband and I had lunch at a great local brewery, and then headed to the garden show. The temperature outside barely got above freezing; but inside was a show full of lush plant life, waterfalls, blooming trees and flowers. It made it hard to believe that spring really was just around the corner when I showed up in a puffy coat and winter hat. Anyway, I wanted to take quite a few photos for inspiration in my own landscaping, but I was less than impressed with the quality of photos I shot. Turns out, convention center lighting isn't really that great for photographing beautiful flowers. And, you would think that with the average age at the garden show being 60+ that the old farts would take their sweet time observing the walk-through exhibits. Nuh-uh. They were pushy old farts. Makes it hard to set up a good shot. Anywhoo, here's a few of my best:

see the bluriness? That's what happens when peeps get behind you and try to rush you.

Ack... Enough of the bluriness already. These pics don't do any justice to the beauty I saw!

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