Saturday, March 1, 2008

First signs of Spring!

I am SO glad this brutal winter is almost through. As I pointed out in an earlier entry, it's nice to get a taste of winter and snow, but after Christmas is over, I'm ready to see it go. Today is the first day in March- which, in my book marks the first day of spring. And since today has brought gorgeous 70 degree temps, I decided to dig deep into my closet and break out a pair of trusty Havaianas flip-flops.

I'm someone who lives in flip flops, but can't wear a lot of those cute, paper-thin styles I see everywhere, thanks to shin splints from being a runner and a long-jumper. So, when I discovered my first pair of Havaianas flip flops, I quickly realized that I could wear them ANYWHERE for hours without painful shins and heals. You'll find when you slip a pair of these on and take a few steps that they are bouncy and ultra comfy, thanks to a 46-year old secret rubber formula that these flips are crafted from. While they aren't super fashionable, you'll see them in trendy magazines and on the hottest celebs. They are, in a sense, the epitome of island lifestyle which I'll gladly accept, seeing how I live in Kansas. I love that they come in a bazillion different colors and patterns, all the more reason for me to collect the new ones they put out each year. The best part: All 25 of the solid colors are just 15 bucks.

If you're in the market for new flip flops (and who isn't?) be sure to check out Havaianas website. Though this flash website isn't super navigable, listening to the catchy island music kept me looking around for awhile. Happy Spring!


LadyJeni said...

I totally love Havaianas, and just like you once I bought a pair I couldn't go back to any other. So happy the weather is warm again.

kari said...

You've been tagged! See my blog for details ;)


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