Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I have been TAGGED!

Kari tagged me!

Here are the rules:

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Random Facts:
1. I HATE french fries/mashed potatoes/baked potatoes-- any form of potatoes. I usually don't throw the word "hate" around lightly (except when to referring to car washes- I HATE those) but in this case, it's vital.

2. I have an alligator named "chomp". Yep, he's the type that can get up to 25 feet in the wild. No worries though, Chomp is fairly small, and wouldn't hurt a fly.

3. I want to be a back-up singer for Justin Timberlake. Can I sing? Nope. But could I sway from side to side while swinging my arms and snapping my fingers? You bet. Something about doing that while synchronized with other back-ups facinates the heck outta me...

4. I'm from Kansas, and I can surf.

5. Me and my husband are the silliest people. We find humor in everyday life. We have a thing where we like to take tons of silly pictures when we are bored (usually at the in-laws) and we laugh and laugh until we run out of poses.

6. I'm obsessed with Pizza Hut. I probably eat it twice a week. Sometimes more.

7. A few nicknames I have received over the years: Lester, Lester the molester, swirly (from being bi-racial) and UPS (what can Brown do for you?).

And to tag a few peeps... CeeCee, Mush. And I'm out!

1 comment:

Sea Squared said...

What? You have an alligator?! That's insane!


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