Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's 1 o'clock in the afternoon...

Is it too early for a glass of wine? No? I didn't think so either.
This week, I made a new discovery: wine in a box. My husband and I have been wine drinkers for quite some time now, but I never knew just how convenient wine in a box could be. Perhaps I also had a slight preconception of box wine tasting like cardboard? (forgive me- I never knew that the wine was actually in a bag inside the box) So anyway, I have been seeing these commercials for Fish Eye's new award-winning wine in a box, so I give it a try. My first thought (besides the great taste) is how I've managed to never try box wine before this occasion. There's no cork. With the turn of the tap, I can enjoy the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine that stays fresh for up to 6 weeks. The secret? Its revolutionary wine cask keeps the air out. Pretty darn convenient if you ask me.
Box wine may not be as much as a discovery to you as it was to me, but take my recommendation and try Fish Eye's box wine. It tastes wonderful, and is inexpensive. I tried the Pinot Grigio and was quite impressed. If you find something better, let me know! I'm always on the hunt for new wine.

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Tori & Chad said...

The ones at Target are awesome as well!

By the way, I know it's kinda weird that I'm commenting on your blog post that's over a year old and you have no idea where it is but I stumbled upon it somehow and you have the cutest little family ever!


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