Friday, June 5, 2009

A few things I've learned, part 2.

Cameron is 6 months old today! As usual, I look back and wonder how that time has flown by us so quickly. Instead of injecting this post with pictures of Cameron like I do every other post, I thought I'd take a sec to share some thoughts and things I've learned/realized in my 6 months of motherhood. Here goes:
If you missed part one or need a refresher course, click here!  

I've become such a paranoid driver. I feel as if every car is out to side swipe me. I think that in the last 6 months I've probably laid on the horn and screamed at more idiot drivers than I have in all my 10 years of driving. So the lesson here is that precious cargo = very defensive driving.

Sometimes my t-shirt is just one, giant napkin. By the days end, it's covered in drool, spit up, pureed green bean splatters, and UIC's (unidentified chunks). Often times I just give up trying to keep it clean and proceed to wipe my own dirty hands all over it. It works.

Things that would have never affected me, now affect me. On 2 recent occasions I've had tears in my eyes: On the season finale of 90210 (yes, I watch trashy television), Adrianna, the pregnant teen, had her baby and gave it up for adoption. I bawled as she handed her newborn daughter over to the adoptive parents, unable to fathom how I could ever give my child up. I never realized until I had my own child how hard a situation like that could be. And just the other day, upon hearing of Mike Tyson's daughter's tragic death, it truly hit me that life is definitely not promised, and each and everyday is such a blessing. 

Little things make me so happy. I love Cameron's big, slobbery kisses. I can't get enough of them! And I love checking on him before I turn in at night, only to find his bum sticking straight up in the air, and peacefully asleep. 

I've thought on multiple occasions, that I should teach Cameron to play with electrical outlets, power cords, cell phones, and other things he shouldn't get into. Maybe then he'd be interested in the things he should be playing with- you know, bright toys, rattles, and teething rings. Do you think this type of reverse psychology works on babies?

I learned not to leave Cameron on the changing table- even for 3 nano seconds. In that short time I took my hands off of him, he flipped over, fell off and screamed like never before. I still feel like crap and I'll never forget it.

When we were at birthing class many months ago, the teacher said we should go ahead and baby proof our homes before the baby came. I looked at her like she had 6 eyeballs. Why the heck would I baby proof for my unborn child? The correct answer: when your child becomes mobile, it happens overnight. You think you have time, but then you catch your kid's hand on an electrical outlet, and can't seem to put those annoying plastic covers on fast enough. Seems she knew what she was talking about, I guess. 

And... I changed my mind about the no picture thing. =) Just, two.


kari said...

I love this post. I'm going to have to file it away for future reference :). Cameron looks adorable, as always!

Kristen said...

that 2nd picture is adorable! I know what you mean about baby proofing before the baby comes. I couldn't imagine why people thought they should register for outlet covers when it was going to be MONTHS before the child was mobile! Happy 6 mos Cameron!

Meredith said...

These are all great tips!

And it looks like Cameron is getting around pretty fast nowadays!

Audra said...

Thanks for stopping by! Maybe I'll try the reverse psychology...could be a rather "shocking" experience. Oh I just crack myself up.

You are one beautiful mama! You did NOT have a baby six months ago! Get outta here...!!

Anonymous said...

He is SO cute. And falling off the changing table sucks, but I think something like that happens to every single mom at some point or other.


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