Thursday, June 18, 2009

Snippets: The good, the bad and the ugly.

I'm loving the word "snippets." If you say it over and over, it sounds pretty cool. Go ahead and try it! I'll wait...
The Good:
Gran Torino. This movie is a wonderful story and is very heartfelt. If you haven't seen it, you must do so! I promise you won't be disappointed.
The Bad:
Jon took Cameron out to run errands today for a few hours today, so I was in a hurry to get the house cleaned while they were gone. I was vacuuming when all of a sudden the vac shut off, and for nearly 10 seconds, showers of sparks and smoke were shooting out at the base where it was attached to the cord. I panicked BIG TIME. I thought for sure that thing was going up in flames. Thankfully it didn't but I think the vacuum is a goner. And I'm especially mad because we just ordered 24 vacuum bags for it.
The Ugly:
My multi-colored bruise that I got from running into a trash can in the garage. I don't bruise easily so I'm not sure how I managed this one. Yesterday it was blue and purple, and today it took on a nice yellow/green hue. It's pretty gross looking!


Kristen said...

of course I sat here and said "snippets, snippets, snippets" as fast as I could! lol Sorry about the vacuum cleaner!

C said...

haha.. I love that word!
And you're not alone on the bruising thing!

Sarah said...

Hey, there! Doh, sorry about the vacuum cleaner. And I haven't seen that movie, I'll put it on my list:)

Thanks for your sweet comments on my family room. I know, I feel so bad that you don't have a mantle, poor thing. The faux one sounds cool..I would be honored if you would post some of my pics!!! Thanks so much. Link away, my friend:)


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