Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My life = a series of un-blogworthy events.

I think that sums it up quite nicely. Sometimes I ask myself  "Does anyone really give a hoot about my boring little life? About my random ramblings and thoughts?" Eh, probably not. Sometimes I think this blog might fall off the face of the world wide web if it weren't for my uber-cute son. =) It's nice that in an attempt to keep regular posts coming, I can insert a few pics of him, and presto! out comes a new entry. In case you might be wondering, this is going to be one of those posts, okay?
Yesterday we went to the River Fest, a 9-day festival of food, events and concerts in dowtown Wichita. I had been craving a funnel cake all week, and I finally convinced Jon to take me to get one. Dad let Cameron take a few slurps of the Cherry Icee. They tried hiding that fact from me, but it was pretty evident by the red slobber all over Cameron's face and shirt!

We were going to see if Cam would like to ride some of the little horses they had there, but he wasn't having it. He started to get pretty fussy, probably because it was about 85 degrees and awfully humid. Makes for a sweaty little baby!


Anonymous said...

HA! I love that they unsuccessfully tried to hide the slurpie incident from you. ;)

Kathy said...

seriously, the cutest baby ever. Cherry slurpy!? I have a feeling that's not the first time those two are going to be mischievous together, but they're so cute together!

Molly said...

I used to have to travel for work to Wichita and have heard great things about River Fest. Looks like you had fun. Oh, and my blog would probably die a fast death if it weren't for my son as well :)

Kristen said...

cute pics, yesterday was def a nasty day! I'm also a KS girl... closer to KC though. Our local riverfest consists of about a day of craft stuff, but luckily there are funnel cakes!

pretty amazing grace said...

Love the your blog. In fact, I think it is absolutely "lovely"! You've been tagged...check out my blog to see what's up! :)


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