Thursday, May 28, 2009

Showers in the forecast!

Ever since I got married, I have been waiting (somewhat impatiently) for one of my friends to get married or have a baby so I can plan them a shower! Well, my time has finally come- times two! 
My (Jon's) brother and sister-in-law are expecting a baby, and are due in December. I am so excited for them! Won't they have a gorgeous baby?

My old roommate and sorority sister from college is getting married! She planned my baby shower and bachelorette party and I can't wait to pay it forward.

I'm ready to start collecting some ideas! I've got a few up my sleeve, but does anyone have any resources, websites, pictures or blogs for shower ideas? Non-lame game ideas? 


Meredith said...

The Perfect Palate blog is always great for party ideas. I know it's wedding related, but I always get fun color ideas and favor suggestions.

Leslie G said...

wow- what a great resource! Thanks!

Sarah said...

Hey! Sounds so fun! Congrats to them both. The only baby shower I game I really like is the one where you pass around a roll of crepe paper (you know, streamers) and everyone rips off a piece that is around the length that they think the mom's belly is. Then you take turns walking up to the mom and testing your strip around her belly, closest lenght wins. Its pretty funny to watch, some people way overestimate and some people rip off really short pieces cause they have no idea or don't want to offend the mom to be:) On a side note, thanks for nursery comment - you know I love Cameron's room. Who knows if when the time comes I'll be risky enough to go bold!


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