Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well, crap.

Remember last weekend I mentioned that I was going to sign up for a membership to the YMCA so we could go to the pool this summer? Well, I did it! But now I need to find swim suit. (Read: A swim suit for my not-so-fabulous post-baby-bod.) Before Cameron was even born, I was determined to get into a cute polka dot bikini come summertime. My goal was to lose all the weight by May. And I did- I'm even a few lbs under! The problem, my friends, are the awesome stretch marks that are still hanging around, uninvited. A tankini, it is. 
I've been perusing various websites for the perfect tankini. I checked out Lands End, as I've heard they have a nice selection. And they do- if you are 50+ years old. I may be a mom, but I'm not quite ready for the "mom" swimsuit just yet. Next stop, Victoria's Bad idea, Leslie. Just like watching the 2008 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the hospital when you're in labor, 2 weeks overdue. Very bad idea. Those girls make the ugliest swimming suits look smashing. Last stop, Old When I was in the store the other day, the selection was picked over from Memorial Day shoppers, but I managed to find a size I fit into, and the prices were great. So I went online, and to my surprise I found styles and patterns I didn't see in the stores at even lower prices! Score. Here's what should be arriving at my doorstep in a few days:

Mix & Match, 12.50

Mix & Match bottoms 12.50

Mix & Match halter 12.50

Mix & Match hipster 3.99

What do you think? Not horrible, right? I think I can make these work!


Callie said...

I am in the same boat as you! The weight is gone, but stretch marks are here to stay. I heard self tanner helps cover them up. I've been using Jergans Natural glow lotion for a couple days and it's really covered them.

Freckles Chick said...

I'm a huge fan of mixing solids and stripes when it comes to bathing suits, so LOVE your choices.

(You look fab, L. I have stretch marks...and can't even use the baby excuse, LOL!)

Roeshel said...

Wow! Great prices and soooo cute! I think you look amazing!

Kristen said...

nice choices! I was lucky enough to have no stretch marks but I have a TON of extra skin... not quite sure what to do about that! :(

Matt & Jenny said...

I have the same problem.... Should have checked old navy...

pretty amazing grace said...

Ooh...I like those! I need one of those and I haven't even had any kids yet! lol. BTW, I think your blog is simply "adorable"...that means you have another award coming your way! Check out my blog to see what's up! If you ever get a chance, you should check out A Brunette Taking It One Day at a Time...I think you'd enjoy her blog! Keep it up!

Nicole said...

I know this is probably too late but try Athleta. They're a sister store of Gap and have really cute suits.


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