Friday, February 22, 2008

Here here to Friday!

::All raise their toasting glasses::

I've got a pretty full schedule this weekend! I'll spare the boring details (like tackling 8 loads of the smelly, overflowing laundry in our closet) and jump straight to the highlight: A Saturday night slumber party for 5 of my nieces. That's right, a night full of pizza and tooth-rotting candy, teeny-bopper movies, glitter manicures, and all that is Hannah Montana (see exhibit A). Speaking of the latter, I'm not exactly sure what encompasses the HM "obsession," but I'm willing to bet I will find out everything I never wanted to know about this cutie Nickelodeon-inspired character.

Click to view full size image
exhibit A: Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana

Have a truly blissful weekend! If you think of me, say a little prayer for my sanity, and be sure to check back-- I'll post a few pics of all the slumber party fun!

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