Saturday, February 2, 2008

Not your mom's blog.

Here's my attempt to keep a running journal of the thoughts and adventures of my exciting life (and it's exciting...mind you). Not since the days of wide-leg Jnco jeans, dad's flannel shirts and Nike hightops have I recorded such a thing- and even then, it was written in my locked Lisa Frank Diary with keys hidden where no one would ever find. So here we are, in the early days of 2008 writing my first blog entry. Perhaps my blog will be an outlet for my daily thoughts on design, or my vents about morons I encounter. Perhaps it will give me the satisfaction of feeling like I have my own column, until that day comes when I get discovered and become a famous copywriter.
I have absolutely no idea the direction this blog will go. These days, everyone has a blog; your cousin, your mom, your mom's parakeet... you get my drift. This isn't one of them, so keep tuning in. I'm a newly married girl and I'll be sure to provide good insight with an occasional peeksie into my life with my fabulous husband. And if you find this blog isn't for you, your mom probably has one that might strike your fancy, no?

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