Sunday, February 24, 2008

saturday night sleepover: success!

Oh, to be 13 again! The sleepover I had for 5 of my nieces couldn't have gone better--they had such a great time. Every bag of potato chips and candy I bought were inhaled. They polished 3 large pizzas. We played games, danced, got manicures, and watched tons of girly movies. I came to the conclusion that, the Hannah Montana "obsession" is a mere understatement-- and something I wouldn't be able to understand with just one sleepover.
The girls were awesome though, and it brought me back to my teenage memories of secret crushes, note passing, first kisses and endless phone conversations discussing "do you really think he likes me?" Those were the days...
I'm so glad they had a great time. As promised, here's a snapshot of my young and carefree nieces!

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